The attacks on Archbishop Pell are the terrible symptoms of a much worse disease

I am with Andrew Bolt on this, Defend justice. Oppose this lynching of Pell. But for as much as I deplore every bit of it, this is now par for the course. The very essence of left ideology is an anti-Christian socialism. Pell is the latest focus for this hatred. Our latter-day Voltaires, who think they are écrasezing l’infâme, are just the handmaidens of a national socialist future across the West.

As a kind of measure of where we are, we went to see the film Trumbo last night [Rotten Tomatoes: critics 73% – audience 80%; IMDb: 73%]. Here is the dialogue that mattered, right at the start:

“Are you a communist?”


A communist, Trumbo explains to his daughter, is someone who would share their lunch with another student who didn’t have a lunch of their own. There was no need to hide his communist past or beliefs although they were naturally distorted to keep the narrative free of any complications that might have arisen by knowing any of the facts. The producers were perfectly sure that in the world the film was being projected into, someone who was a communist while Stalin was still alive, would not be seen in a bad light by virtually anyone.

This is a war on our institutions and our traditional values waged by approximately half of our own population, the kind of people who need a trigger warning before being told that Stalin murdered thirty million people as part of his attempt to introduce socialism in one country.

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