Face it – no one really wants to get tough

Two contrasting approaches both on the same day. First from the US and from an unexpected quarter: Rand Paul Calls for ‘Immediate Moratorium on Visas for Refugees’

Senator Rand Paul is introducing legislation to impose “an immediate moratorium on visas for refugees” in response to the Paris terrorist attacks.

“I think that the best way to defend the country from attackers, attackers that don’t really have an army but would come here as individuals, is to make sure we try to prevent their access into our country,” Paul told reporters on a Monday afternoon conference call.

Paul’s legislation would also block visas for students from countries that have a significant jihadist movement and restrict access to the United States even for people who hail from traditional allies and have not been required to obtain a visa before traveling. Paul offered the bill as a reiteration of his long-standing national-security views, but also used it to open fire on his Democratic and Republican rivals for the White House.

Meanwhile, back in the UK we have this, also from an unexpected quarter: UK Home Secretary: Paris attacks ‘have nothing to do with Islam’:

The Home Secretary Theresa May has said the attacks in Paris, “have nothing to do with Islam”. She said Islam was peaceful, whilst explaining that “appropriate security measures” will need to be taken at the England France football match tomorrow.

That phrase is so striking, and you hear it so often, that you really do have to think there is a private meaning for the words she uses that would make the concepts clear to normal rational people.

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