Global warming – that is, its absence – properly displayed

temperatures in fahrenheit

The diagram is from Steve Hayward at Powerline which he includes in a post he titles, The Only Global Warming Chart You Need From Now On. A tad over-optimistic about the AGW crowd actually paying attention to facts and data, but it really is quite an interesting perspective. He writes:

What if you display the same data with the axis starting not just from zero, but from the lower bound of the actual experienced temperature range of the earth? I had never thought of this until an acquaintance sent it along today.

A little hard to get worked up about this, isn’t it? In fact you can barely spot the warming. No wonder you need a college education to believe in the alarmist version of climate change. No wonder the data (click here for original NASA data if you want to replicate it yourself) is never displayed this way in any of the official climate reports.

If this chart were published on the front page of newspapers the climate change crusaders would be out of business instantly.

Alas, it is the people who decide what goes onto the front pages who are most enthralled by climate change. They won’t report anything that fosters a more judicious consideration of the facts because not only do they not believe any of this on principle, they are also unwilling even to discuss any of it in an open forum with those who actually could take them on – Ian Plimer say. For myself, I would prefer that there really were facts to go with the scare than that we should live at such a time when something as obviously untrue as this is so widely believed, and especially by those who are supposedly well educated and are, in theory, trained to take a more sceptical look at issues such as this.

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