Give me a break

Let me be clear. The Australian had been out to remove Abbott since sometime around March. I, of course, have never paid a moment’s attention to Nikki Savva since I am old enough to remember her when she was writing for the Herald-Sun as the ideological twin sister of Michelle Grattan. Then Albrechtsen went over, so I stopped caring about a thing she said. And there were the usual Labor crew of Van Onsalen (you know who I mean) not to mention Graeme Richardson and Barry Cohen. I would still huddle up with Henry Ergas, Nick Cater, Maurice Newman and Greg Sheridan so it wasn’t a total waste of money. They kept the subscription alive, but mostly I only keep buying the paper because it has two sudokus every day. So for Gary Johns now to add his voice to the rest of The Australian chorus places no additional weight on the side of keeping my own counsel about Tony Abbott. He starts:

To my dear conservative friends inside and outside parliament, I know you are upset at the demise of your putative leader.

What a bad start! What does he think “putative” means? The meaning on the web is the same as mine: “generally considered or reputed to be”. Is that what Abbott is? My leader! What’s he talking about? I don’t have a leader inside Parliament or out. Calling me “friend” , misusing the word “putative” and suggesting that Abbott was somehow my leader represent three fundamental errors in less than a single sentence.

So what point was he making after that false start? It was this:

As a result of the leadership coup, Bill Shorten is less likely to win government.

This is not a reason to knock over a leader others happen to like. You know what else? I don’t believe it’s true. The spill was pursued so that it could take place before the Canning by-election. A government in the midst of its term, that is only down 49-51, is in the box seat. If these political geniuses do not know something as simple as that, they should be cleaned out and another group brought in.

Personally, I think the Coalition is now less likely to win the next election. Their “strategist” Mark Textor thinks they will pick up so many more in the middle that they will not need the likes of us. He believes that for us, and this is probably true, Labor is such an atrocious alternative that we will hold our noses and in the end vote for Turnbull. But then again, maybe we won’t.

But whatever else, he is wrong to think we will shut up. I didn’t vote for Abbott because he is a man of decency. I won’t not vote against Turnbull just because he is a smug, supercilious jerk with a low-grade intelligence, so stupid that he thinks global warming is an actual problem and public spending adds to growth.

For me, the issues that mattered were boats, carbon, public spending (not tax reform for goodness sake!!!) and labour relations.

And speaking of the economy, we have from that indiscreet backstabbing Morrison that Abbott did want to change Treasurers and did want to install him and did want to kick Hockey out. And this is the point. Abbott is nobody’s fool. He was surrounded by a pack of treacherous and devious liars and knaves, not to mention a media that was out for his blood. He did amazingly well in the circumstances.

We don’t know if Abbott is coming back as PM, but he might. The acid is now on Malcolm whom nobody loves and no one has an ounce of affection for (other than himself). But if Tony does come back, it will truly be no more Mr Nice Guy. He has learned a lot over the past two years, all of which will be very useful to someone who once won a boxing blue at Oxford.

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