I cannot believe it! How did it happen? My 2000th post.

It was for the first 1500 just a private thing for me. Now there are others who read it which I am very pleased to see and am glad to have the company. Not many, and this still remains my place to put random thoughts, although I do make more of an effort now. But it is no longer completely private.

It is also just past the third anniversary since I started on September 23, 2012. 2000 posts at 200 words is 400,000. I could have written War and Peace instead. What was the first line: “Well, prince, so Genoa and Lucca are now just family estates of the Buonapartes!” Ah well, too late. Hooked on blogging instead and it’s lucky for us that Tolstoy wasn’t. And I am happy to say that my son is still my most certain reader – hi Joshi. What kind of world will it be when we hit number 3000. Not that far from now, but largely an open plain.

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