“Heads should roll” – metaphorically, of course

At least it’s a start on what needs to be done. So far, it’s only about Q&A. The story from The Australian:

Tony Abbott says “heads should roll” at the ABC after the broadcaster “betrayed” Australia by repeatedly broadcasting extremist Zaky Mallah’s claims that Muslims are “justified” in joining Islamic State.

The Abbott government has today launched its own investigation into Mallah’s appearance on Q&A last Monday, arguing internal ABC inquiries have often resulted in “virtual whitewashes” of wrongdoing.

The Prime Minister said the broadcaster’s decision to rebroadcast Monday night’s program in full yesterday was “utterly incomprehensible”.

“Here we had the ABC admitting a gross error judgment and then compounding that terrible mistake – that betrayal, if you like, of our country by giving a platform to this convicted criminal and terrorist sympathiser – they compounded the mistake by rebroadcasting the program,” Mr Abbott said in Canberra.

“Now, frankly, heads should roll over this. Heads should roll over this. I’ve had a good discussion with the Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, I know he has made a very strong representation to the ABC.

“We’ve announced that we are not satisfied with an internal ABC inquiry because so often we’ve seen virtual whitewashes when that sort ever thing happens. There is going to be an urgent government inquiry with recommendations, and frankly the ABC ought to take some very strong action straightaway.”

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