What genuine problem has a party of the left actually solved anytime in the last forty years?

Parties of the left never solve any actual problems, they only make existing problems worse and create new ones along the way.

Our economies are swimming in debt and deficits, with regulatory overload that makes recovery in any meaningful way almost an impossibility. We had a budget in surplus and an economy with zero debt. Then we elected Labor and we will never achieve any such thing again.

The boats were stopped not once but twice. It was first done by John Howard, and has been done again by Tony Abbott. In between, R-G-R allowed thousands to arrive, with the well understood aim of creating a voting class that would give them success at subsequent elections, irrespective of the harm done to the country by allowing illegal migrants to flood our shores.

If there are industrial relations problems, you can solve them either by resisting union demands or by conceding them. The first option will give you a stronger economy, the second a two-tier system in which union members and their leaders do well while others do worse.

But the parties of the left are good at finding solutions for things that are not a problem at all. Take the prime example, global warming. The planet isn’t even warming for any reason whatsoever, never mind because of the use of carbon-based fuels. But the left have created a crisis atmosphere, and have stepped forward with solutions that wouldn’t even make sense if there actually was such a problem, but which allows plenty of money to be distributed to their crony-capitalist friends while burdening the economy with taxes and imposts that are certain to make us less well off but will give the government more money to spread around at its own discretion.

There are lots of such fake problems invented by the left and promoted through the media (i.e. by the marketing arm of the left) to become controversial issue in immediate need of solution. Conservatives then have the choice of doing nothing since they think there is nothing to be done, and therefore end up hammered by the press and the left for not taking such problems seriously. Or they do take these up and legitimise the issue while offering solutions that are intended to be less damaging than those offered by the left.

There was a time when the left tried to solve genuine problems and were legitimate parties of ideas. Almost invariably bad ideas, which generally have left a trail of damage, but at least they were honestly conceived. They no longer have any ideas at all, other than the usual plunder and distribute to the mendicant classes which they have created and who will most reliably vote for them.

I’m not sure there is any solution for conservatives than to try to take these people on by pointing out that they do an immense amount of harm, almost never do good, and our problems are invariably made worse every time a government of the left is elected. Except, even if you wished to undertake such a campaign, how would you get the message out?

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