What’s global warming compared with this?

Let’s face it, if you are on the left, there is probably no level of insanity you are not prepared to believe. If you can believe that socialism will bring fairness and prosperity, that even after eighteen years of no heating that the planet is about to fry, and other such things, then you are open to every social fairy tale someone is prepared to spin. But this one, the most insane of all, is still my favourite, since my wife worked in childcare for most of her life. This is now after 23 years and twenty of those years in prison, Couple convicted of child abuse during satanic childcare hysteria still not exonerated.

In 1991 . . . children at a preschool in Oak Hill, Texas began claiming they were abused and forced to drink blood-laced Kool-aid, watch animal sacrifices and fly to Mexico to be sexually abused by soldiers. Sadly, for proprietors Dan and Fran Keller, the charges against them were not dismissed. The two were found guilty of such lunacy and each sentenced to 48 years in prison.

On Wednesday, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals granted the couple some relief by acknowledging that false testimony was used in obtaining the conviction. The Travis County District Attorney’s office is expected to dismiss the case.

The Kellers spent 23 years in prison before being released in 2013.

But dismissing the case is not exactly the exoneration the Kellers were looking for. Their attorney, Keith Hampton, vowed to keep fighting.

“I can take it to federal court, but there are some procedural complications I’ll have to mull over,” Hampton told KXAN, Austin’s NBC affiliate. “Second option: to bring it back to the Criminal Court of Appeals. Third option: District Attorney can also agree to their innocence, which they haven’t done before.”

No evidence was ever found that the Kellers had done anything they had been accused of doing. The case hinged on the findings of Dr. Michael Mouw, who mistakenly identified a normal bodily condition as evidence of sexual abuse.

The story never makes the kind of news it ought to because it shows a craziness afoot that cannot be contained. The legal system and “the helping professions” are both shown to be not just useless at sorting truth from fiction but frequently dangerous. Having ruined their lives, the the state is now chiselling on the compensation these people are owed that can never be anywhere near enough for what they have been through.

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