Joining a world where nobody thinks, nobody cares

It’s the stupidity that really gets you in the end. This is the personal story of a young scholar who got fed up with her own side of politics and went looking to make friends among the conservatives at Cambridge. I don’t really want to spoil the surprise by telling you anything other than its title, How I tried to quit the liberal guilt machine and failed. But it is so picture perfect that it is almost a parody, except none of us could imagine a mindset like hers. This is how it starts:

Being a leftie is like being a Catholic, in that it’s a constant stream of neverending guilt. We’re expected to constantly atone for our privilege, which, like original sin, we can never be rid of. And we don’t even get the cool artwork. If you have otherwise normal liberal friends, every few weeks they’ll post something online akin to cult propaganda. It’s a combination of an assertion and a warning that anyone who disbelieves is, in their words, “not a decent human being”. This is fine when you agree with the party line completely, but that kind of conformity of thought is neither healthy nor desirable.

I didn’t used to mind when people bent the facts to promote their liberal opinions — as long as the message prevails!-, but after many years of anecdotal evidence, appeals to emotion, contempt of logic, I realized there was only so much zealotry I could tolerate. They sounded to me like mad evangelists who’d just had the realization that capitalism might be unfair. As an ambitious person, I felt like I was being held personally responsible for the problems of income inequality. And as someone who spent some time living in the USA, I was pretty tired of apologizing for Jeb Bush, the war in Iraq and gun ownership. The final straw was the slew of unfair criticism towards Silicon Valley, and the left’s lack of respect for and understanding of technology.

So I tried to quit the liberal guilt machine. I would make some new friends who would be conservatives. There was a whole world out there, I thought, where nobody thinks, nobody cares, everyone genuinely believes they deserve the good things they have in life. At this point came a problem; I didn’t know anyone conservative.

The rest is at the link.

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