Did you cringe at the jingoism, the unthinking patriotism and crass commercialism? – Actually, no I didn’t

Do people really believe this? This is a quote, now taken down, it seems, from Martin Hirst, who is a journalism lecturer at Deakin University which I picked up at Andrew Bolt discussing more Leftists protest in relation to ANZAC Day.

Did you cringe at the jingoism, the unthinking patriotism and crass commercialism that now defines ANZAC day? Or did you, like the free speech fundamentalists and Abbott apologists, take time from your orgy of bloody celebration of war, to call for a young journalist to be sacked for daring to question the ANZAC myth?… The myth is that both world wars were fought to protect “our” freedoms and that without them “we” would not enjoy the lifestyle we have today. That is utter tosh and ahistorical nonsense and it also conveniently lets the warmongers off the hook. War is never about principles and morals, it is about money… War benefits the capitalists who stay behind. There are profits to be made in the killing and in the rebuilding, which brings us to imperialism… It is a sad day for freedom of speech when telling the unpalatable truth to a nation that collectively sticks its fingers in its ears and sings the anthem to drown out critical voices causes someone to lose their job. [My bolding]

It’s not even that he is a stray, an outlier, but is as mainstream amongst the media/intellectual class as you could find. I am astonished that SBS actually sacked their sports reporter for discussing an issue in such an offensive way, over which he could not possibly have had the slightest expertise. We now indulge opinion journalism, but the carriers of these views merely have opinions. Research and detailed knowledge of any kind seems irrelevant. They read each other’s ignorant rants and then reword and repeat.

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