Walking into our world from theirs

I went hunting for my other favourite from the 1920s – Susie is five foot two-ish and has eyes of blue as it happens. But what struck me about this is that they were just as modern as we are, except that they were modern ninety years ago and we are modern ninety years later. How bizarre we will seem ninety years from now is unimaginable, just as we would be to them. What is the reverse of nostalgia, the emotional response of those who lived in the past if they could see us today without having to have lived through the intervening years? There are people still alive who were alive when this was recorded but they have been shaped by the world as it evolved into where we are. But suppose these people should just walk from their world into ours. Certainly amazement, but also with equal certainty, deep and unabiding disgust. The reverse of Woody Allan’s Midnight in Paris but with little likelihood there would be the charm and pleasure in coming forward to a civilisation as morally alien from theirs as ours is.

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