The Green Prince

I meet people all the time who tell me what a great film The Green Prince is, but until someone tells me something to still my conviction that Moab is anything other than a double agent working for Hamas, I will think it made perfect sense for the Israelis to have let him, and his Mossad handler, go their own way. And among the various issues that keep me sceptical to the hilt is that Moab lives free, travels back and forth, and makes a great show of everything, except support for the Israeli state. Here is the reality of a Palestinian youth who comes out in support of Israel.

Palestinian threats against Mohammad Zoabi and why there is no peace

He’s hiding in the U.S., while his anti-Israel Knesset member cousin is lionized in Western media.

The contrast in the story is between him and his cousin, Haneen, who is an actual member of the Israeli Parliament.

A few weeks ago Haneen Zoabi enjoyed a mostly sympathetic portrayal in The Washington Post. According to the Post, “To her supporters, Zoabi, 45, is a Palestinian lioness speaking truth to the Israeli establishment by asserting the rights of the 20 percent of Israel’s population who are Arab Muslims and Christians.” Because that, of course, is what an Israeli Arab is supposed to do. But the politician Zoabi has legal channels to fight her fight. So maybe she’s an underdog, but she’s a pretty well-protected one.

The teen Zoabi, on the other hand, had to run away because he had no effective protections against those who hate Israel like his cousin. The lack of attention to his plight means that the media only favors certain underdogs – the underdogs who espouse their own approved views. The irony is that Haneen’s career would not be possible if Israel wasn’t the beacon of freedom Mohammad praises. Mohammad Zoabi has displayed real courage in fighting his lonely fight in an intolerant society; he’s not a phony like Haneen, who gets her hateful screeds excused as “speaking truth.” When will his courage get the attention it deserves?

When I hear “The Green Prince” say the same as this young boy, then I will trust him, but not until.

[Via Legal Insurrection]

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