So you don’t think it can get any worse, do you?

Do you want to be afraid, really afraid? Tucked away at the very end of an article today on political reading lists for the beach this summer was this on behalf of Bill Shorten:

. . . and US senator Elizabeth Warren’s A Fighting Chance.

As with the election in 2008, the only way that Hillary Clinton won’t be the next President is if the Democrats come up with someone worse. And they have.

Members of her party’s anti-bank, anti-capitalist wing have found somebody to stir them as she never did. And Warren erases Clinton’s gender advantage.

Most telling, the left’s intensity is growing since the GOP midterm rout. Instead of being chastised, the populist wing absurdly claims that Democrats have been too willing to compromise.

No more of those Obama half measures for Warren, the fake Cherokee oddball far-left nutty professor now Senator from the great state of Massachusetts. She and Bill will make quite a pair. For those who think it can’t get any worse, oh yes it can.

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