The Christie-Obama alliance

That under no circumstances would I ever support Chris Christie for President was resolved for me the moment he actively subverted Mitt Romney’s own presidential run in the last week of the 2012 campaign. If Romney won, Christie could not run in 2016. Therefore he did everything he could to ensure a Romney loss, with the effort made to make Obama look like a man of action in the midst of “Superstorm Sandy” the crowning moment. Were it not for the storm, Romney would have won. Were it not for Christie, Romney might still have won. But irrespective of whether or not it made a difference, that Christie did what he did has made him poison for me, aside from the fact that he is a leftist clown.

So now he is at it again, trying to knock off Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Think of this:

The RGA, chaired by Gov. Christie (R-N.J.), has been under pressure in recent days to do more to help Walker, a tea party favorite who rocketed to political stardom after he curbed bargaining rights for most public workers in his state. The Weekly Standard reported Thursday that there were brewing suspicions on the right that Christie, as RGA chairman, has been “undercutting” Walker, his potential rival for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

Just showing form, merely form, expect nothing else, this is how he is. That no one ties it to Romney makes me think Christie is the one the established Republican Party wants. But here Obama seems to be on exactly the same side as they both seem to have the same agenda. OBAMA GOES TO WISCONSIN IN BID TO OUST GOV. WALKER.

President Barack Obama is making a rare appearance on the campaign trail just one week before Election Day in an effort to help a Democratic challenger oust Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker from office.

I would think that Obama is poison but he will do what he can. Also disgusting but normal politics. You would just think that just maybe the Republicans would understand that Walker is a potentially more formidable opponent than Christie given the efforts they are making to push him out. Politics in the US is just too hard for us outsiders since it is impossible to follow the money or whatever else it is that counts.

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