Student demos for a conservative cause

Les Mis is a truly misbegotten piece of literature, which has irritated me in the same way each of the times I have seen it. My sympathies are instantly on the side of Inspector Jobert and his attempts to put down the demonstrators in the streets. These radical nitwits have poisoned the wells of western civilisatin and are about to snuff out our entire way of life on behalf of equality, climate change and multiculturalism, three of the most inane causes ever invented.

But what is going on in Hong Kong is different. Same students, same demos, but this time on behalf of conservative and small-l liberal causes. There the students are fighting a desperate, and almost certainly losing battle on behalf of their desire to be governed by people of their own choosing according to their own values based on how things have been done in the past. Alas, their values are personal freedom politically and capitalism economically. They are therefore, as they say, on the wrong side of history, something that all of those fools on the left will immediately understand and therefore viscerally oppose everything these students are trying to preserve.

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