How would it look if we adjusted for the media’s hard-left bias?

Here’s a story from the US: Obama as unpopular as George W. Bush in poll.

A president of such stunning incompetence, the stupidest man in the room everywhere he goes (he doesn’t tend to deal with dills), has fallen to the same level of approval as his predecessor who tried honourably and ably to deal with the problems he met. No one mentions 911, or the meltdown of the financial system that no one could have foreseen, as shown by the fact that no one did foresee it. Even so, by the time Obama became president, all the hard work in forestalling a massive recession had been done in the same way that AQ had been put on the run.

The irresponsible free press has been a disaster for America. It is hard to see how things can get better from here.

Yet you do have to wonder about the other 49% who are uncovered in this Gallup Poll:

Fifty-one percent of the Americans who responded to a Gallup poll conducted June 5-8 said that they do not believe the phrase “is honest and trustworthy” applies to President Barack Obama.

Is that to be interpreted to mean that the remaining 49% do think that the phrase “is honest and trustworthy” does apply to the president? Those hicks, who laugh at the 0.1% of Americans who are Young Earth Creationists, are more inexplicably dull-witted than anything I have come across in years. Words fail.

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