Media report media bias

So if you read in the media that media bias is seen by 48% of the population as a worse problem than political donations, what would the outcome have been if the media had not been as biased as it is?

More Americans believe that biased media coverage is a bigger problem in politics than donations from fat cats, according to a new poll.

Rasmussen Reports found that when given a choice, 48 percent of voters believe media bias is the No. 1 villain while 44 blamed big campaign contributions.

And among Tea Party members, 77 percent said media bias and reports against the movement are the top problem in politics.

The poll found that voters clearly despise the money from special interests pouring into politics, but their opinion of the media is even harsher, fed by a general perception that the press goes out of its way to help Democrats, including President Obama, not Republicans.

It is a problem without a solution.

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