The Obama constituency

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the incredible staying power of a president who is ruining his own country and yet finds its critics at the other end of the garden. They don’t even describe him as a Teflon President since, to his supporters, Obama has hardly put a foot wrong. Nothings sticks because, in their view, there is nothing to stick. Here are three of the factors that keep Obama’s numbers in the acceptable zone.

1) His record support among minorities will not change since 70-90% of various hyphenated groups see the Obama tenure as long-overdue representation of their own interests — economic, ethnic, and symbolic. . . .

2) The media is not just overwhelmingly hard left, but hard left with a chip on its shoulder that its own views are neither accepted by the majority nor usually implemented by government.

All the above scandals and embarrassments would have ruined a Bush, given that such mishaps would have been headlined daily in the New York Times (e.g., “VA, Benghazi, AP, NSA, IRS overwhelm sinking Bush administration”) or Washington Post (“Bush Cabinet Paralyzed by Scandal”). . . .

3) The well-off are indifferent to the Obama record, interested only in its symbolic resonance. Doctrinaire liberalism resonates mostly with the very wealthy. We see that by the voting patterns of our bluest counties, or the contributions of the very affluent. In contrast, Republicanism is mostly embedded within the middle class and upper middle class, while liberalism is a coalition of the affluent and the poor.

But while these are important according to Hanson, the area he specially identifies is this:

For the liberal grandee . . . Obama represents their utopian dreams where an anointed technocracy, exempt from the messy ramifications of its own ideology, directs from on high a socially just society — diverse, green, non-judgmental, neutral abroad, tribal at home — in which an equality of result is ensured, albeit with proper exemptions for the better educated and more sophisticated, whose perks are necessary to give them proper downtime for their exhausting work on our behalf.

He may throw like a girl, screw everything up he touches, make America a worse place to live, leave the world far more dangerous than it was, but at least he’s not one of those rubes like Sarah Palin. And for this, and this alone, all is forgiven assuming it is even noticed there is anything he has to ask forgiveness for.

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