No guts, no spine, and no conviction

I stopped reading National Review ages ago for reasons I would be hard pressed to explain other than to say that aside from Mark Steyn and one or two others, it no longer represented my core beliefs. But this article, What’s Wrong with the Right, by Pam Geller, gets very close to stating what I think:

National Review Online took another gratuitous shot at me Thursday in an article defending Ayaan Hirsi Ali, saying: “Hirsi Ali is no Pamela Geller. On the contrary, for her whole life, Hirsi Ali has used anger as a catalyst to great good.” Is it necessary to smear me in order to defend Hirsi Ali? And this is not the first time that NRO has allowed insults and defamation against me and other freedom fighters to run unedited. I hardly know why. But I do know that NRO has no guts, no spine, and no conviction.

And while every word she writes is dead on the mark, this is particularly accurate and important:

Once again, the establishment right takes its marching orders from what the destroyers on the left dictate. The right consistently allows the left to destroy our most effective voices – Sarah Palin is a major example. Unequivocal voices like Palin’s are tarred and smeared, while the right instead offers up weak and meandering fools like John McCain – and stands by him even when he poses with al-Qaida leaders in Syria and insists that they’re “moderates” . . .

This is how the establishment right makes it bones: on the bones of the principled right. This is how the establishment right gets legitimacy: by pandering to the left and selling out the clear, uncompromised voices on the right. Instead of destroying our philosophical enemies in the war of individualism vs. statism, the establishment right trims its message, then trims it some more, desperately hoping to appease leftists and their media lapdogs.

Is it any wonder that we can’t win elections? McCain? Romney? We can’t win until we find our spine. NRO best represents the abject failure on the right.

I’m not with her about Mitt Romney but am with her about all of the rest. And she could not be more right about what she says. If you take a stand on the left you have comrades at every side. If you take a stand on the right, there are cowards who flee the field before even the first shot is fired.

The leadership on the right does not understand its own philosophy. They do not understand free markets, capitalism and individual rights. If they did, they would be more ferocious, fiercer and more courageous in the fight for freedom and equality of rights before the law against the second-handers, moochers, and looters on the left.

I am not into symbolism and suicidal grandstanding so I don’t always say what I wish I could. There are a few who do, but only a few, who are in positions to take up this fight, most of whom are in established positions associated with the media or have made particular issues their vocation. For anyone outside these kinds of precincts, the vulnerabilities are immense and the rewards non-existent.

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