Are these really the people we trust to bring us the news?

I get to the papers at the end of the day and when I saw the story that the “ABC’s Scott warns on News Corp’s position of power” on page 5 of today’s AFR, I went searching back through all of the other normal websites to see if anyone else had focused on such blithering idiocy but it seems not. It appears that whatever may be Mr Scott’s strengths, irony is not amongst them. The first two paras of the story:

ABC managing director Mark Scott hit out at Rupert and Lauchlan Murdoch’s News Corporation, arguing its newspapers have been never been [sic] more assertive in exercising their power through “aggressive editorial positioning”.

In a carefully worded attack, Mr Scott claimed News’s share of newspaper sales in Australian capital cities could rise from “70 per cent” to “80 per cent” and predicted that print titles which survive the digital revolution will be more powerful than ever.

Although this has been pointed out on endless occasions, he apparently still cannot see the difference between the number of newspapers and the number readers. For the kinds of things Scott would like to concentrate on, there is still The Green-Left Review which is another title although one without the circulation of The Australian say. Thus, two titles but a different number of readers. Should not be all that hard to see the difference. But then Mr Scott entered a zone of his own with the following:

He also predicted a rise in ideologically slanted news.

He is predicting this! This is the future someday but not yet! What a discerning mind he has! A national treasurer without a doubt. From someone at the ABC to say this is beyond the realms of normal out-to-lunchness and into some kind of stratospheric zone previously never encountered. But meanwhile back at the ABC ranch house:

Mr Scott defended the ABC’s role and hit back at allegations of a left-wing bias at the corporation as it braces for the Abbott government’s May budget.

One can only hope that the aftershocks he is bracing for will be even beyond anything he is capable of imagining today.

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