Immigration policy

This is about the United States but the point is just as valid here:

Our Immigration Policies: An ideal immigration policy would be based on merit, would focus on adding highly skilled immigrants, would be easily adjustable, wouldn’t change the demographics of our country and would be simple and inexpensive for law-abiding immigrants. Our current system meets none of these requirements.

Instead, we have a system that for all practical matters favors a law-breaking 17 year old from Mexico with a third grade education over a British neurosurgeon or a German engineer.

Moreover, at times like these, when so many Americans are out of work, it’s worth asking whether it makes sense to be bringing in any new citizens. That’s not a slam on immigrants because we have a lot of hard-working entrepreneurs who came here because they saw America as a land of opportunity; it’s an acknowledgement of the most basic fact of immigration: the whole purpose of it is to benefit people who are already American citizens. Bringing in uneducated ditch-diggers who’ll never pay income tax doesn’t benefit most Americans.

Intentionally changing the demographics of the country doesn’t benefit most Americans.

Rewarding lawbreakers who come into the country illegally doesn’t benefit most Americans.

Bringing in more than a million new immigrants a year when there are less people working today than there were seven years ago doesn’t benefit most Americans.

Immigration could be America’s greatest strength, but our poorly designed system makes no sense.

No business could survive if it brought in the same number of new employees every year, regardless of qualifications or need, then added everyone who could sneak into its lobby onto the payroll. Long term, our nation isn’t much different than that business.

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