Opinions on the cheap

Left and right is more than just opinion about what ought to be done. There is something else about being on the left, which is the emotional rush it seems to give. In an article at Quadrant Online I list the odd reality that, so far as I can tell, even though the temperatures have not risen for fifteen years, there are no warmists who have become sceptics, and even with the disastrous outcomes of the Keynesian stimulus, there have been no economists I know of who have given up their Keynesian faith.

But that was the lead into what I thought was an interesting post from a Canadian blogger about the nature of those on the left, the kinds of people they are and the way they wish to experience the world through their emotions in ways that reason cannot touch.

The majority of people are weak-minded. They are also lazy. However, they are also egotistical . . . and so their mind reaches for something that will not only allow them to claim some kind of intellectual “superiority” or “achievement,” but also allow them to do so with no work.

Going green. Protesting. Claiming they’re a caring liberal. Joining a religion. Going vegan. Becoming a professor, etc.

This not only results in them living in a delusional, non-real world, but also makes them emotionally and egotistically invested in keeping up their ideological facade. Thus, when you make passionate, logical, stoic arguments of fact, math, and statistics you (consciously or not) pierce their ego, expose their charade, and therefore trigger a visceral, emotional, and often hate-laden response.

It’s the notion of having an opinion on the cheap that must be so pleasant, specially when you can use that opinion to go around blaming others for the woes of the world without actually having to do any work in finding out what’s going on. Left wing ranting is a species unto itself. His entire post was I thought quite insightful look at the nature of political argument.

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