Multiculturalism and the new migrant

Canada has not only become jaded with the effect of migration on Canadian society but has begun to take steps to limit numbers. This is a column by George Jonas the National Post with the self-explanatory title, Multiculturalism encourages a new type of immigrant who shares our wealth but not our values.

The new immigrant seemed ready to share the West’s wealth but not its values. In many ways he resembled an invader more than a settler or an asylum-seeker. Instead of making efforts to assimilate, the invader demanded changes in the host country’s culture. He called on society to accommodate his linguistic or religious requirements. . . .

It’s not a matter of where immigrants come from but where they’re going. Refugees from the East are no threat; colonizers are. That’s where non-traditional immigration and multiculturalism become a volatile mix. Extending our values to others is one thing, but modifying our values to suit the values of others is something else.

By now multiculturalism has made it difficult to safeguard our traditions and ideals against a new type of immigrant whose goal is not to fit in, but to carve out a niche for his own tribe, language, customs, or religion in what we’re no longer supposed to view as a country but something between Grand Central Station and an empty space.

It’s no longer impossible to imagine the death of the West since we see the potential before our eyes at every turn. It’s not too late to do something, but time is getting very short. Diversity is a concept of the left – themselves frequent enemies of our existing cultural traditions and economic structures – part of whose aim is to swamp own culture of tolerance and self-reliance with migrants who often do not believe in either.

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