It’s not funny, it’s fascism

It is an astounding story but what it means is that those in power in the United States have absolutely no fear of retribution for any of the actions they take. It’s being treated as a curiosity, an odd moment in the life of the nation. But really, what’s funny about this?

A couple of weeks back, cancer patient Bill Elliot, in a defiant appearance on Fox News, discussed the cancelation of his insurance and what he intended to do about it. He’s now being audited.

Insurance agent C Steven Tucker, who quaintly insists that the whimsies of the hyper-regulatory bureaucracy do not trump your legal rights, saw the interview and reached out to Mr Elliot to help him. And he’s now being audited.

As the Instapundit likes to remind us, Barack Obama has ‘joked’ publicly about siccing the IRS on his enemies. With all this coincidence about, we should be grateful the President is not (yet) doing prison-rape gags.

Meanwhile, IRS chief counsel William Wilkins, in his testimony to the House Oversight Committee over the agency’s systemic corruption, answers ‘I don’t recall’ no fewer than 80 times. Try giving that answer to Wilkins’ colleagues and see where it gets you. Few persons are fond of their tax collectors, but, from my experience, America is the only developed nation in which the mass of the population is fearful of its revenue agency. This is unbecoming to a supposedly free people.

Of course it’s funny, whimsical even, a laugh riot. What a bunch of clowns those people at the IRS are. We can be so morally superior to such transparent jerks. We can see through them. We can see that they are a totalitarian lot who are squeezing the freedom to criticise the government right out of the system. We can see all that and therefore we can laugh at their totalitarian stupidity.

But this is now the bottom line. If you are an American and say or do anything that comes to their attention that they do not like, they will do you over with the IRS. We’ll see how funny you think it is then. We’ll see how many are then willing to say a word.

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