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ford anti ford demo

Why this molehill still seems to receive such rock star news coverage can be summed up in a couple of sentences from this story:

The mayor [the mayor of Toronto, that is], a conservative who touts his efforts to curb public spending and keep taxes low, later made it clear he intends to seek re-election next year. . . .

It has been a stunning decline for mayor who was elected three years ago with overwhelming support from Toronto’s conservative-leaning suburbs, where many voters felt angry about what they considered wasteful spending and elitist politics at City Hall.

But he did smoke that cocaine and he does rave and rant. But then on the other hand he also wants to be careful with other people’s money and cut spending on all those welfare payments that are so helpful to the helping professions, although for the poor not so much.

So will he win? Who knows? Should he win? I live on the other side of the world. Does the Toronto Daily [Red] Star (ie The Age) want him out? What a question!

I’ll just say this. When I was growing up, it was “Toronto the Good”, “The City of Churches”, “Tory Toronto”. It was the home of the United Empire Loyalists, founded in 1793 after the American Revolution by British subjects in the colonies who fled north to preserve their British way of life. And it was because the Americans burned down Toronto, then known as York, in 1813 that the British burned down Washington in 1814. I still think they got the better of the exchange.

And now, I can scarcely believe it, how far the saintly have fallen. The harlot of the Americas, sin city or worse. I can see that I got out just in time.

As for how outraged the citizenry are, the above is a picture from an anti-Ford demo just this morning at City Hall. Around fifty on current estimates. From Blazing Cat Fur.

UPDATE: James Delingpole has bought into this major international issue writing we need more crack-smoking Rob Ford politicians. From his article:

Arlene [a Canadian radio talk show host] wanted to get the overseas perspective on the Mayor of Toronto’s alleged behaviour and sounded worried that it might damage Canada’s international image.

‘No Arlene,’ I said. (Or words to this effect – though I probably put it more politely because I’m fond of Arlene, fond of Canada and Canadians too, come to that). ‘Not even if you throw into the mix the recent revelations about fellow Canadian Justin Bieber is there any danger whatsoever that Canada is about to lose its reputations as one of the least rock-n-roll nations on the planet.’ . . .

Let’s put it another way, in the great scheme of the crimes currently being committed by our political class, the Mayor of Toronto’s (alleged) whoring and crack-taking strikes me as, at worst, a venial slip and at best a badge of honour.

So let me tell you a joke only Canadians understand, but it cracks ’em up every time.

Q: How many Canadians does it take to change a light bulb?

A: One.

It makes me laugh every time I hear it.

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