Girls and boys going out to play

A fascinating article by Stacey McCain on the moralities of our age. This is how the article ends, edited to limit outraged sensibilities, mostly my own. But a very interesting and sober read from start to finish. This is the finish:

If we are heading toward ‘a culture of complete anarchy,’ why? Because we have rejected ‘a God who makes law,’ so that the law is whatever we want it to be, including a law that compels insurance companies to let you stay on your parents’ policy until you’re 26, including a law that compels pro-life Christians to pay taxes used to fund abortion and contraception for irresponsible women who don’t want to pay for the consequences of their degenerate lifestyle. . . .

The ‘narcissism and entitlement’ celebrated in Lena Dunham’s Girls — is defended by feminists for the same reason ProgressNow Colorado promotes ‘independence . . . based on sexual promiscuity.’ Democrats know who votes for them and why, and they know that “a culture of complete anarchy,” without morality or religion, will yield more votes for Democrats.

Of course, this culture will also destroy America as we know it, but destroying America as we know it is what Democrats are all about.

The Amy Otto article on “millennial” voters adds more to the story which is where Stacey McCain began from. This is what he quotes:

Since the central conceit of feminism (that one is owed a man’s attention) cannot be questioned — yet results in women being quite incapable of sustaining a relationship — we must pretend that obtaining said relationship is no longer important. We wouldn’t want to dispute the tenets of feminism:

He should love you and put up with any behavior you throw at him. Its “quirky” and not deranged that you question him about everything he feels at every moment.

You don’t have to be particularly accomplished or worthy of his time. Being a woman is enough. You go, girl!

You are as beautiful as a supermodel no matter who you are — and men who dare to seek out a woman of similar or slightly higher attractiveness are craven idiots. You deserve a man as handsome as you would like him to be.

If it’s something that females experience, everyone else should pay for it too.

Corporations purposely pursue “sexist” strategies to exclude 50% of the market. Society is so inherently sexist that profit comes after the deliberate exclusion of women.

I have no idea if the mentality described is accurate, but if this is even a close approximation it sounds like a wilderness to me.

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