Hostage to fortune

Why be hostage to fortune? Take my word for it, if it just so happened that the best possible Ministers in the new government all happened to come from New South Wales it still would not be right to choose an inner Cabinet of only those who had been elected from New South Wales. Symbolism in politics counts but sometimes it is even more than just symbolic. A proper balance of interests and perspectives is what makes a good government an even better government.

This article by the always interesting and sensible Julie Burchill puts a different perspective on how women perceive the world differently from men. It’s titled, “Execution is the way forward for women-murdering scum like Delhi rapists“. This passage particularly caught my attention:

When I think of the lives of women in the 21st Century, I think of a horrible parody of Shakespeare’s Seven Ages Of Man. First she is an aborted female foetus, then a cyber-bullied schoolgirl, then a groomed, raped and trafficked victim of some low-life gang, then a judged predatory Lolita responsible for her own molestation by some dirty old man. And that’s just before she’s old enough to vote.

In young adult life, at the height of her beauty, she will be groped, grabbed and molested in the street as she goes about her daily business.

Seeking refuge from this, she may put herself under the protection of one man through marriage or co-habitation – only to find that one in four British women, for example, will be victims of domestic violence, and that two women a week are killed by partners or ex-partners. (Someone needs to tell a LOT of men that “Till death us do part” doesn’t mean “Till I want you dead”.)

When she loses her beauty, she will become a despised battle-axe butt of a million mother-in-law jokes – and disappear from the television and cinema screens, while her male contemporaries grow more visible and earn more with every decade of decay.

Finally, she will be an unwanted old woman dying for a drink of water on an NHS hospital ward. Rest in peace, indeed.

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