Leaping from the life-raft onto the burning ship


A fascinating article from JoNova that looks at trends in media reporting on global warming rather than at global temperatures themselves. She starts with “Let the historic dissection begin. Man-made global warming is a dying market and a zombie science” and then continues from there:

The Carbon Capture Report, based in Illinois, tallies up the media stories from the English speaking media on ‘climate change’ daily. Thanks to the tip from Peter Lang, we can see the terminal trend [above]. The big peak in late 2009 was the double-whammy of Climategate and Copenhagen (aka Hopenhagen). It’s all been downhill since then.

A long and detailed study of various forms of media coverage which had a sudden fall off in interest somewhere in the middle of 2011 just as our Julia was signing us onto the world’s most expensive carbon abatement scheme. Makes you proud to be an Australian:

By July 10th, perhaps the world’s media finally realized what traders, bloggers, then bureaucrats had already figured out. The price of everything to do with carbon credits was falling. It could be that in a brief flurry they woke up, announced that, and then lost interest. Meanwhile all the groups who normally issue press releases were downsizing or closing, didn’t feel like telling the world, and the rain of wind-power and climate change news slowed as the investment money, and the press writers, moved to different industries.

It seems hard to believe, but the July 10 spike could have had something to do with Australian PM Julia Gillard. With impeccable timing and style, as carbon markets fell, Julia Gillard signed Australia up to the most expensive carbon tax scheme in the world. She announced those details on Sunday July 10th. She really did pick the last possible moment to leap from the life-raft onto the burning ship. And hasn’t Australia paid dearly for that.

But the fall off in media interest also means our election is still haunted by the ghost of climate change past. No matter what either side believes in their heart of hearts, it would be death to their electoral prospects to say they think global warming is a hoax. So on it goes and it will cost us billions to feed an idiocy that just won’t go away.

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