An honest reporter!!

You can find this same video at Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair because it truly is incredible. An honest piece of reporting, at The Guardian yet, unimaginable in The Age, The SMH or at the ABC. The reporter went to find out what working class Australians really think of Rudd, they told her all kinds of negative things about the PM and the ALP, and then she reported what they said.

I keep trying to think of some positive piece of good government we have had from six years of Labor and I cannot think of a thing. Others may wish to help me out, but aside from spending oceans of money on stuff that is entirely directed at the charity end of the specturm of social expenditure, there is nothing there. Most of what they have done has been directed towards making it harder to earn a profit in business, from the Fair Work Act to the mining tax.

I get the Coalition point that they will pay for their programs through the increased tax revenue that will be generated by a return to stronger private sector growth while a serious proportion of the waste we now find in place is wound back. That’s the sort of thing that tends to work. It’s gotta be better than now.

My worry is that after six years of the present government the fear will remain that even if we elect the Coaltion, in six years time this same mob might be back again, to pick up where they left off. There will, by then, be a better bottom line on our fiscal position which they can once more begin to lay waste.

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