If only you guys on the left would act on your principles

This is a great article about the hypocricy of the left. Matt Walsh is asking the left to stand up for what they believe in, or at least what they said they believed in when Bush was president. With Obama, very different. The kinds of areas he brings up are the one percent, anti-war, civil liberties, war on drugs, guns, race, etc. His final para:

Liberals, you are not slaves. You are independent human beings. I’m not asking you to come to church with me and become a radical right wing fundamentalist Christian like yours truly (although you’re more than welcome to do so), I’m just asking you to have the guts to be what you said you were. And that means you’ll have to oppose Obama, because he’s not on your side. He’s not on anyone’s side.

The left are just cannon fodder for stupidity. They have no consistancy other than to oppose personal merit, achievement and success which they take as an affront to themselves. Ignorant to a remarkable extent of how the world works, they insist it is a conspiracy of the wealthy against the poor, the powerful against the weak. Their numbers are growing as more and more are bought off with the very trinkets that will keep them poor and lacking in ambition and achievement, the essential ingredient of a middle class life. The leaders on the left laugh at their own supporters who in their own personal lives they would have nothing to do with. They don’t live with them, send their children to school with them or associate with them except when looking out for their votes.

It is the right who actually does care because we want everyone to be just like us. We want everyone to become productive, peaceable and independent. We want everyone to get on with their own lives in their own way. We are always willing to help those who need help as part of a journey of self-fulfillment. We are less willing to help those who would rather just live on the meagre handouts of a welfare state.

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