Media bias will be the equaliser in the election to come

Bank accounts in Cyprus were raided by the government because it had run out of money. Our superannuation accounts in Australia are being raided because the government has run out of money. I see a parallel here myself, but others apparently do not. This is from Sunday’s Insiders which has been culled from The Australian‘s “Cut & Paste”. They are talking about Tony Abbott having said that the government’s raid on super was “shades of Cyprus” which the Prime Minister, in her own quiet, understated way, had described as “crazy talk”.

FRAN Kelly: Crazy and dangerous.

Lenore Taylor: And she also went on to call him an economic simpleton, just to, you know, hammer home the point. I do think . . .

Kelly: Normally leaders do try to pull back a bit the domestic . . .

Taylor: No sign of that but I do think saying that the super changes had shades of Cyprus about them was an ill-informed thing to say. There is no shade of Cyprus here. There is no raid on anybody’s nest egg here. If there was any shade of Cyprus going on do we really think the superannuation industry would have called off their ad campaign?

Kelly: Shades of Cyprus? A bridge too far?

George Megalogenis: . . . as for the rhetoric, you don’t really want me to take that literally. Look, it’s close to crazy talk.

Kelly: Thank you. Does the Opposition Leader need to be a little bit more careful?

Michael Stutchbury: . . . this is clearly hyperbole which clearly goes too far.

My only point here is that this is an election not yet won. The incredible incompetence of the government plus the certain barracking for the ALP of virtually the entire journalist brigade in Australia will make this a very tough election.

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