Low-information voters

A low-information is someone who fulfills at least one but possibly both the following criteria: ignorant and stupid. If you start stupid at an IQ of 95 or less, and ignorant which begins by encompassing the products of our education system but then moves on to include anyone who never reads a newspaper and gets most of their political news from the TV, then we are looking at a very large part of the voting population. It’s bad news territory for people of the right.

The post I have just been looking at has introduced me to another website called Upworthy which is designed by the American left for the low-information voter in the US, that is, for the ignorant and stupid which by no means excludes the highly educated. The title of this post is “Upworthy — or, How we are losing the internet to lowest of low information young liberals”. Here is the central para in the post but if you are interested in politics and how to affect the future, you need to read the whole thing:

There is this website called Upworthy which is one giant liberal activist social media machine which creates viral social media memes in the cause of liberal political activism.

Unless you are a direct beneficiary of all of the spoils of the socialist apparatus – a bureaucrat somewhere, a member of the “helping professions”, a welfare recipient, an educator or perhaps a journalist of some sort – the main reason anyone is actually on the left is because they are too shallow or too lazy to bother to think things out. The young are typically on the left but it is hardly because they are “idealistic”. It is because they know virtually nothing about how anything works so all they have to base their judgments on is some vague infantile notion of right and wrong. The people at Upworthy understand this perfectly well and are determined with the passage of time to turn these same young fools into middle aged fools and then into older fools after that. Some of these will drop out over time as they see and learn through life, but in the meantime, the very people whose lives are being blighted the the greatest extent by the Obamas and Gillards along with the rest of the unproductive socialist class are being conned into believing how clever and sophisticated they are when I’m afraid they are not.

The reality is: if you vote for a party of the left, you’re not cool, you’re not savvy, you’re not with it. You are a jerk. And not only do I think so, so do the people you are voting for. If you think Obama or Gillard have a high opinion of the people who vote them into office you are a product of one more delusion to go with all of the rest.

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