The lying scoundrel media may going down before our eyes

The tea party has apparently set up a news site which is about to go live on election day in the US:

The Tea Party News Network, self-described as “the only trusted news source and the antidote to mainstream media bias,” is already live but will announce its launch tomorrow morning, with plans to start live video on election day. TPNN claims to have a “war room of 40-plus volunteers” who will operate out of the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, and has established partnerships with the Talk Radio Network and radio host Rusty Humphries, who will be co-anchoring the election night coverage.

Well there will be a news world with a difference irrespective of the result of the election. And one of the main reasons will be the disastrous outcome that is surrounding the media in the US over Benghazi. The no-news-but-good-news industry that accompanies Obama has taken on a very large enemy, in this case the entire foreign service which is infuriated by the president’s active refusal to lift a finger to assist some of their comrades in mortal danger who then tried to cast the blame on the service itself. This story tells of that anger, and the exposure of the media that is now following the refusal of the media to tell the truth. Here is the conclusion but the story in full is part of what may be the most important question being settled in this election: to what extent can media lies, distortions and suppression allow the worst president in history to be re-elected.

Spooks and diplomats are angry at the attempt to make them scapegoats; furious that the president didn’t lift a finger to help their comrades in the consulate during the seven-hour siege. More leaks may be on the way. If they fail to follow up, journalists could lose more credibility than the president. They haven’t much credibility left to lose.

Worse than Watergate, but this time it is not the media who are exposing the cover up but are being exposed as part of that cover up themselves.

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