What would it take to get an Obama voter to switch?

These are wonderful creations but what always worries me is whether they are able to draw anyone across from the other side. If you find this instantly funny and you see the point right away, you were never going to vote for Obama anyway. Since at this stage it is almost impossible to see Obama’s attraction for anyone, the ridicule that this little story heaps on Obama is unlikely to penetrate the defenses of anyone who is still in the Democrat camp.

Do these people really believe that a market economy is bad for their economic fortunes? Do they think that the brief flurry of a downturn in 2009 is the defining moment for the capitalist system and that they would willingly give it all away for the stability that socialism promises but does not anyway deliver? Do they not recognise that whatever it has been Obama has done to bring about a recovery has been a dismal failure? Are they so stuck in the rut of government transfers that even if they understand the harm Obama’s policies have done they are not prepared to shift?

And then on foreign policy, can anyone any longer believe that the US remains as secure today as it was four years ago? Do none of Obama’s supporters look at the Middle East and wonder how much worse it could have been under a Republican? Are they just that oblivious to the disastrous trend in American foreign policy under Hilary Clinton that they would still cling to Obama in the belief that Romney could be worse?

That the media and the academic world of the social sciences continue to support Obama only make me wonder whether graduates from arts and humanities courses actually learn anything worth knowing. How you would make such supposedly knowledgeable and intelligent people shift their vote is the greatest conundrum of them all, for which no answer is available. No answer at all.

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