Romney had already written about the 47% in his book published in 2010

There has been quite a bit of focus on Mitt Romney’s having mentioned that 47% of the American population do not pay income taxes. And much of the commentary has been that he made the comment behind closed doors and out of hearing of most of the population. But the fact is that Romney had made the same comment and had made the same point in his book, No Apology, which was published in 2010. This is directly from Romney’s text (page 303).

In light of the challenges faced by the country, I am puzzled by those who align themselves with a political agenda that may be well intentioned, but that weakens the country and hazards our freedom.

First, however, there are people who correctly presume that they will get more money from governments if it is run by Democrats. I understand these kinds of Democrats very well. Adam Lerrick of the American Enterprise Institute calculated for The Wall Street Journal that under candidate Obama’s tax plan, 49 percent of all Americans will pay no income tax. Added to that number are 11 percent who would pay federal income tax of less than 5 percent of their income. So for 60 percent of Americans, spending restraint and lower taxes championed by Republicans may not mean a great deal to them personally – at least in the short term, even though the lower taxes promote economic growth, good jobs and higher incomes.

There is nothing here other than the recognition that those who do not pay tax are less inclined to vote for a candidate that promises to cut the taxes they already do not pay and who receive large transfers from the hands of government. This is a major problem both economically and politically and it does need to be recognised. But it was hardly a revelation to find that Romney has re-stated in public what he wrote in his book and is what everyone has long known but is seldom said.

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