It’s a man’s world to build

I don’t normally get into such things but here I go.

I have been noticing that if you stand on any street corner anywhere in the world and you look up one way and then down the other everything you will see has been built by men. Of course, there are the gardens in front of many homes that are the responsibility of women, but all else is built by males.

Women have their place but not to take over from men. Men just do the hard work and the design and construction of near everything. It’s obvious and such is the way of the world. And from the time they are in the playground boys know that a fight – a real fight – can start any time and must be understood. Girls don’t ever become involved.

3 thoughts on “It’s a man’s world to build

  1. Q: In the construction industry, guess what percentage these woke bureaucrats want the labour force to be women?

    … Wokeness is a mental disorder. Woke people are fricken nuts!!

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