Biden and his cronies are nuts

I truly do believe that the left has gone mad since there is nothing sane left for them to do, not that they ever did anything positive which was for the conservative side get things done. But I thought of it when I read this:

Biden speaks casually of Armageddon.  Armageddon because of a localized conflict.  Let that sink in.  A war where no vital American interest is at risk.  A war that’s limited to Ukraine and poses no threat to the homeland.  A war, though, that the ruling class and military-industrial complex conflates with U.S. security. 

Half the American electorate is nuts, but it is those in power. It’s Dr Strangelove come to life. Are they really contemplating nuclear weapons?

1 thought on “Biden and his cronies are nuts

  1. You need to watch more deep fakes and green screens of the various characters. It’s all money transfer to the uber wealthy. “Keep ’em anxious.”

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