Anthony Fauci public servant

From a comment at Instapundit:

Fauci paid for gain of function research that created the CCP Wuhan Flu – then lied about it. Gain of function means it MORE easily infects humans and once there it is MORE lethal. Scientists say they do this for SCIENCE. Trying to make better VACCINES. Right.

1918 Spanish Flu – Does anyone here know that has been re-created in labs. 100 guesses who paid it for to recreate it from corpses found in Europe. That’s right – Anthony Fauci…

By the way – remember the Black Death from the 14th century. Has that been recreated? You guessed it:…

“To better understand how the plague worked, researchers could try to resurrect the Black Death pathogen by modifying the genomes of contemporary Y. pestis strains. Although this might sound alarming, research on Y. pestis is already carefully controlled, and even an accidental infection with such a strain could be easily treated with modern antibiotics.”

“Although this sounds alarming, blah, blah, blah it’s “carefully controlled.” You just pop a pill. Right.And anotjer

And another.

The damage done cannot possibly be repaired. We will never be able to get back to where we were. Forget the crimes against humanity, the larger crime, if there is one, is the destroyed trust. And not the trust in institutions, rather the destruction of trust within families and friend groups

One doesn’t need to dig far. Check out the Pfizer clinical trial adverse events, and especially on children. Check out the woefully incomplete Vaccines Adverse Event Reporting System. Check out the ever-increasing excess mortality figures (among those UNDER 60).

We can figure out the why later. We can seek justice later. We need to immediately ensure those jabs get pulled from the market now and those who are still enabling and encouraging the use of the jabs fully learn why that is not a good idea.

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