Meanwhile it’s freezing in Melbourne

This is from Ace of Spades. I wrote on this months ago but it needs repeating.

“Every summer, there are heat waves somewhere on the globe, with “record heat” recorded in multiple locations. Along with these heat waves, the prophets of climate apocalypse warn that all these “extreme” new temperature records are proof of global warming.

“I apologize for throwing math at you this morning, but I can only take so much statistical ignorance without wanting to respond.

“First off, temperature records have been kept, depending on location, for about 100 to 140 years. Let’s split the difference and call it 120 years on average. Each weather station has a historical “record high” for each day of the year, and also a “record low” for each day of the year. Therefore, with 365 record high and 365 record low temperatures at each station over the past 120 years, an equal distribution (e.g. 365 divided by 120) would mean that each station records about 3 record highs and 3 record lows every year.

“How many times have you heard a fear-mongering journalist or politician hyping “an all-time record high for this date at the South Succotash weather station.” So what? Statistically, anything less than three record highs per year at South Succotash is below average.

“And how many weather stations are there in the US? NOAA’s domestic database is composed of almost 15,000 weather stations.

“So with 15,000 weather stations across the US, and with each expected to have on average 3 record highs per year, there should be approximately 45,000 record daily highs per year in the United States.

“Any MSM journalist reading this is probably already lost and unable to comprehend that “new record highs” doesn’t simply mean “hotter than it used to be,” but if they’re still with me, their follow-up question might be: “But what about meteorological stations that are suddenly recording an all-time record high temperature, ever?”

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