Intelligent design-it’s not just all an accident

This was published at Instapundit:

IS THERE A POSITIVE CASE FOR INTELLIGENT DESIGN? Geologist Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute insists there is and he has a new book out that makes the case. HillFaith is pleased to begin re-publishing a series of pieces by Luskin based on the book. It is offered here for informational purposes, not as a claimed last word. 459

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1 thought on “Intelligent design-it’s not just all an accident

  1. ahh… those two controversial “c” words (Creationist and Classical). Materialists/naturalists keep science in the dark ages by focusing only on matter, whereas Creationists focus on matter + spirit; Keynesians, likewise maintain darkness, by focusing only on demand whereas Classical Economists focus on demand + supply.

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