It’s all asches, vaxxines that is

From Vaccine Skeptics are the True Critical Thinkers. This is what caught my eye:

The Asch Experiment

“All experts agree that the vaccine is safe and effective. ”

That was enough to get most people vaccinated. Except that anyone could ask two questions:

  • How can I know that all experts agree, if those disagreeing are not allowed to speak up?
  • How can anyone know that “Covid vaccine” is safe and effective, if no time actually passed to ensure that?

Finally, someone with just a bit of knowledge could also ask a question, “are you sure that it is safe and effective, if no coronavirus vaccine ever worked, and no mRNA product was ever approved”?

And if you would like to know more about the Asch Conformity experiment you can go the link or perhaps here. As for how safe the vaxxines in reality are, there is so much evidence being suppressed and unreported that it must by now be wilful ignorance amongst people who do not wish to realise the extent to which they have been sold a bill of goods.

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