Are Australians stupid enough to elect our own version of Joe Biden?

From Scott Morrison invokes Anthony Albanese’s socialist left faction in attack on Labor’s national security credentials.

The government has repeatedly attacked the Opposition Leader and his frontbench on their ties with China as well as cuts to the defence and intelligence budget when it was last in power.

Mr Morrison in contrast has hit the hustings to promote his government’s strength on Chinese coercion and its massive increases in defence spending.

He said his Labor counterpart was “not the right leader for this country”, criticising his foreign policy credentials and his ideological base.

Weirdly, hardly anyone mentions border protection any longer, but the left across the world promote open borders. It would be the end of us, as it may soon be the end of the United States.

“The other part that worries me about Anthony Albanese when it comes to national security, is that he has always come from the socialist left of the Labor Party.

“He has always had sympathies with those policies which have been very hostile.”….

Mr Morrison said the voters had to “compare and contrast” between the Coalition and Labor at the next election on issues surrounding China, security and borders.

Every government is a disappointment since there are so many compromises that have to be made in government. But if we cannot see the difference a Labor Government would make, we are heading for a very dismal future.

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