On foreign policy she wasn’t all that bright

This is where this article is heading stated near the beginning.

If women were in charge, the old canard goes, then peace would break out all over the earth. Is that actually true? Madeleine Albright is a good case study to test out this hypothesis.

Unfortunately, Madeleine Albright’s long career represents all the failures and mistakes that, in just thirty years, have taken America from its superpower apex to the brink of imperial collapse.

Here’s where you can read the entire article: Oh You Think Women Don’t Start Wars? Ask Madeleine Albright (RIP).

And in case you don’t make it to the end, let me highlight this.

Madeleine Albright was a central figure in this toxic evolution of NATO from preventer to cause of international war. In 1997, she delivered testimony before Congress aggressively supporting the addition of former Warsaw Pact nations to NATO, on the ridiculous grounds that expanding NATO would not antagonize Russia (which was loudly protesting at the time)….

It is hard to imagine anyone else other than Madeleine Albright who perfectly encapsulated the combination of arrogance and delusion that drove America to create an avoidable catastrophe in Eastern Europe. Albright ridiculously claimed that expanding an anti-Russia alliance is needed to “build a constructive partnership” with Russia. She claimed the alliance is not anti-Russia, yet treats its concerns as entirely unworthy of any discussion. She even treated agreements to limit the deployment of nuclear weapons as entirely non-negotiable. Russia can complain all it wants, she said, before gloating that there is nothing the country can do to block NATO’s enlargement entirely on America’s terms.

And so, here we are today. She may be dead but the consequences of her decisions live on and will continue to live on.

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