Canada revokes Emergency Act

It’s hard to work out the reason for the change since two-thirds of the population of the frozen north support the Emergencies Legislation, but that is only what the press reports. Who knows what the actual truth might be. The notion that conscience had anything to do with it is beyond farfetched. The possibility that there had been a massive run on Canadian banks is more likely as a reason for the change. And it is possible that the morons surrounding the Great Reset have found their plans both exposed a bit before they would have preferred, and have found their plans a bit tarnished in large parts of the population. Finally, the notion that the Canadian Senate might have turned this back is possible in a science-fiction sort of way but hardly plausible.

There is also the American truck convoy that is working its way to Washington that may be starting to worry these people.

Still, it is a surprising turn, and weakly suggests there is some resistance to these fascisti. It is a positive sign but it hardly adds to any sense of optimism about where we go from here.

Video of the boy-PM’s announcement here. And this is from the Canadian news.

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