The death of America

From Midnight trains and daylight robbery which is modern Los Angeles. A comment at the post.

I live in the greater Los Angeles area. In the past two years or so, we have witnessed:
1) Mass rioting and arson;
2) Chronic “smash and grab” thefts/robberies at stores by mobs of “youths”;
3) And now, actual train robberies, the kind of which used to be resolved at the point of a Winchester by the railroad police.
All of this has been overlaid by omnipresent homeless encampments and hordes of drug addled and mentally ill zombies wandering throughout the area. They are this society’s “sacred cows”: They sleep where they want, steal what they want, and defecate wherever it suits them. They are, of course, immune from any consequences. Can someone convince me that we are not witnessing the collapse of civilization?

You would think that in a democratic polity there would be some kind of automatic effort to fix what is wrong but there is no evidence of any kind of repair in the minds of the people who live in these wastelands. Here is a more accurate representation of the problem.

3 thoughts on “The death of America

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  2. Genuine refugees. Bring them here. Actually I went through LAX a couple of years ago and all the track people were inside the terminal.

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