Confessions of a white oppressor

I’ve put the video up before, but thought I would couple it with this article by Ammo Girlll at Powerline: meditating on the MARGINALIZED AND UNDERSERVED. Read the whole thing, but this will give you a sense of what you will find if you go to the link.

A few weeks ago, Ann Coulter did an impressive takedown of the monstrous racist grift that is the Build Back Bigoted Bill. Ann found the definition of “underserved” on page 111 of the Rules Committee summary. The bill itself uses the term “underserved” 99 times and the term “underserved community” 19 times. The summary definition set forth for one of the key sections reads: “This section also defines an ‘underserved community’ as a group of people who have been systematically denied the full opportunity to participate in aspects of economic, social and civic life. Underserved communities include Black, Latino, Indigenous and Native American persons, Asian American and Pacific Islanders, other persons of color, etc.”

Boy, that is a powerful lot of underserving. I don’t know what “other persons of color” entails, not even to mention the “etc.” Is that like a Player To Be Named Later? They have already listed Black, Brown, Red and Yellow. What color is left? Puce? Ecru? For sure, not white. We are read out of the bill, if not the human race. Fine. Who needs to be “served”? Whatever they are serving, I’ll pass.

The most racist people in the world today may be the American left and the focus of their racism is almost entirely on white people, which most of them are themselves. These people are mentally disturbed.

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