Socialist Left taking over Victorian Labor

That’s what the headline should be. This is what we find instead: Dan warned over party bloodshed which completely misleads any potential reader about what is going on. Here’s the sentence that matters.

The administrative body – controlled by Daniel Andrews’ Socialist Left faction … is looking to oust several “internal enemies”.

“Oust several internal enemies” means getting rid of soft left Members of Parliament to replace them with members from the the hard left. Further down the page we find this:

One Labor MP said people in the Right targeted for destruction would be forced to leave the party because they “are being accorded no right to exist”.

Party bloodshed is just what Andrews wants. Socialism is the natural home of the stupid. Utter fools. Other than, of course, the leaders of these factions, who are predatory wolves who know how to politicise their way to the top.

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