Who’s better?

I didn’t say he was the new Winston Churchill. I  said Scott Morrison is the best political leader in the world right now. Let’s compare him with that brace of Quadruple-J clowns: Jacinda, Joe, Justin and Johnson. Scott Morrison is so far ahead of that crew of far-left grifters, I cannot believe there was any issue with what I wrote.

So let me say it again. Scott Morrison is the best political leader in the world right now. I am grateful for these small mercies in this time of political insanity. Everything is poll-driven, but even so, at the back of my mind I actually think the PM is trying to do what needs to be done – taking on the Chinese over Taiwan, limiting the damage from the climate-change scam as much as possible, and trying to open the economy in spite of the massive fear-driven Covid mania we have from our media and at virtually every other turn as well.

There are sophisticates I deal with occasionally who think having a socialist government run the country for a while will end up working in the right direction since everyone will learn their lesson. These things are too hard on my nerves.

Does no one even notice what is happening in the United States? In Canada? In New Zealand? In the UK? So now we have this, which I fear is all too true: Scott Morrison says he’s the underdog in looming federal election

Politics is famously the art of the possible. With well over half the country dreading climate change and more than half wanting tougher action on Covid (Daniel Andrews, heaven help us, may even be the gold standard!) we may yet find out how bad things can get. 

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