People are beginning to notice

The more people notice the less likely any of this will show up in the media. But still: ‘It’s the Vaccines. It Has to Be’: Adverse Reactions to Covid Jabs Likely to Blame for Hospitals Suddenly Being Flooded Across the Globe. It begins:

“We’ve had discussions amongst ourselves, but nobody is willing to take our concerns to the admins,” a doctor in Maine told me during a Zoom interview this weekend. “About half of us think it’s the vaccines while the other half says it’s a combination of factors. All we know is we’ve never seen the constant flow of heart and lung conditions hitting our ER, not like this, not every single day and night.”

The doctor, who chose halfway through our interview to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions at their hospital, was referring to the sharp increase in emergency room visits they’ve seen in recent weeks. It’s a nonstop flow of serious medical issues that often have no clear reason for occurring. Heart attacks in particular have gone from one or two per week to daily entries in the ER logs.

“It’s funny because I’m telling you this, annoyed at my peers for not speaking out, and even now I’m having second thoughts about talking to you,” the doctor said. “I can’t believe that we’re not allowed to ask the most basic scientific questions or follow the most obvious trail that could lead us to an inconvenient solution.”

That solution, of course, is to halt vaccinations for most if not all. After further discussion with the doctor, we decided to move forward with the interview for the purpose of writing the article but not to use the doctor’s name. It was disappointing, but I understand the desire to not put their career at risk unnecessarily. Besides, the data is clear enough that even a layman can and should start asking questions.

And then there’s this: Anyone noticing a pattern yet? And what pattern is that? People, young, healthy and athletic dying, sometimes in the middle of a match which until now has been unheard of. I’ve already discussed this here – Hospitals worldwide are being overrun with no official explanation why – but even I am reluctant to make a fuss about it. But the evidence is mounting and eventually there will be quite a lot of fuss made about it, since these vaxxines seem to be taking a large toll in deaths and injuries that have no other explanation for their sudden arrival everywhere.

And then there’s this: Doctor FIRED for Giving Patients Facts About Covid Injection. This is the video.

Here’s the text that comes with the vid.

Giving his patients the facts about the COVID19 “vaccines” so they could offer true informed consent ended up costing Dr. Bradley Meyer his job, but that did not bother him. In fact, in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman, Dr. Meyer said that he would rather be in a FEMA camp than take the experimental COVID shot. Another concern from his employer was his willingness to prescribe Ivermectin and other treatments, which he found to be very effective in treating COVID. Now, he is working to create a new healthcare center that will use advanced therapy and treatment options to help patients be healthy.

3 thoughts on “People are beginning to notice

  1. As there are so many lies out there a simple fact check may be best. Is your local hospital overrun? Drive past and have a look. I make a point of walking past my GP surgery when in the area which is sometimes. Quieter than normal. No increase in ambulance sirens. Just my local area which is well populated. I believe the vaxxes are harmful. And I know for a fact that the health system’ first response when you go in with your heart attack, stroke or broken leg is a Convid response.

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