The only science that is settled is how stupid people actually are

It is one of the wonders of modern life that so many have fallen for the climate change hoax. This is discussed very nicely by Melanie Phillips in: The tragi-comic climate doomsday cult. She begins:

What would happen if a doomsday cult were to take over the world? Science fiction? No. It’s happened. 

How else to explain the collective lunacy of the COP26 meeting in Glasgow, an absolute farce where world leaders made complete fools of themselves?  

There’s been much criticism of the hypocrisy of the event, with hundreds of private jets flying into Glasgow to hector the world about reducing carbon emissions.

Far, far worse has been the total erasure of rationality in the hysterical chorus that this was the “last chance to save the planet” — and the fact that no-one in mainstream debate has challenged this as utter unscientific garbage.

And this is how she ends:

If anything embodies and signals the end of the age of reason it is this climate cult, in the grip of which the west has gone through Alice’s looking-glass into a surreal post-science, post-truth world.

No wonder Russia and China didn’t even bother to turn up to COP26. Their contempt for the west must be bottomless as they look upon its accelerating economic and cultural green suicide — and rub their hands. 

With much more in between, with this picture at the start with the following caption:

Ice fair on the river Thames, London, 1814

The only science that has been settled is that we live in an Age of Idiocy and Profound Ignorance. I tend, however, to forgive most political leaders who seem to actually know there is nothing to this scam. In a “democratic order” there is little choice but to pretend to do everything one can to save us from the melting glaciers and the rising seas.

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